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Here are the tutorials I gathered throughout the Internet, I love every of them, some of them are really outdated due to the fact that the old M$ DOS as we new it is now dead and burried. I included them here 'cause I think to begin it is good to have a look at these COM infectors...

Dos Tutorials

So you want to code in Assembly language for DOS... Here you are:

First the Dark Avenger's tutorials, these are real good starting texts about DOS viruses, you'll need them. To unpack this you'll need the password : "THeRMoFiLeS" without the "".

[da's tutors]

Second the book from Mark Ludwig, Little Black Book of Computer Viruses; this pack comes with the full book in PDF format (you'll need acrobat reader to use it) and a zip file containing the sources and binaries that were extracted from the book...

[Mark Ludwig's Book]


Windows 95/NT/98

Yes I know DOS is outdated, so here is the real stuff. If you are interested in the Win32 assembly programming, you can also go to my Links section and try your luck in other palces of the web, many people out there are sharing our passion for this marvelous language.

Help yourself and enjoy.

Here is a little compilation of Lord Julus articles about Win32 viruses... good reading.

[lord julus' tutors]

See also this compilation of articles written by Iczelion about Win32 programming, it is not about viruses but it can be really instructive, these tutorials are about MASM 6.1 the compiler from microsoft that you can get here.

[Iczelion's tutors]

Here is a THE source for tutorials and information about viruses, it is VDAT [current version is 1.8] by Cicatrix, the best compilation ever about the VX scene. This is a mirror site, I uploaded the file myself, but you can go to Cicatrix' web page to download it.

[VDAT 1.8]

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