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The trade section ;)

For those of you not already familiar with trading here is the point: We ID our viruses using diverses scanners and then use a program ( Virus Keeper, Virsort, VS2000... ), this program is the utility that will allow you to trade. I personnaly use Virus Keeper because it makes a Database that corelates all the scanner infos into one structure. The idea behind this is that when you have a virus IDed under a different name by two scanners VK allows you to know it. When you browse your collection with VK you see the name of the file on your hard drive, and the name of the virus flagged by AVP, F-PROT and DR SOLOMON...

Well enough said on VK, you'll need it...

Now that you know this, here is the versions I currently use to ID my viruses...

AVP DOS 32 build 131 last updated 07/26/99 ; 07/16/99 , 07/09/99

F-PROT 3.05b with macro.def from 07/16/99

If you want to find the latest updates to these scanners go to the sites of distribution, or go to Tally's page he is keeping an up to date log of all the new updates as they are coming out.

These are the DOS versions of the scanners 'cause the logs are the one the utilities are able to scan at the moment.

Well one more thing, it is really important that you use the same parameters as me ( and Tally, Apoc, Buddy Music, Duke SMF, Zord...) if you don't use these parameters we will think we need a hudge amount of virii from each others when only a few are good. So having the same versions and parameters will save us upload time and scanning time.

Here are the parameters:

Something you would be interested in knowing, the ratio for the trade is 1/3 this implies that I will send you 3 virii for each one that I did not have before trading with you. And you will be able to ask me whatever virus you see in my logs.

The logs will be in two parts:

Please mail me before sending any virus:

mail to this adress: and put "trade" as subject of your message, I will scan your logs and tell you if I need anything from you. I will also send you instruction concerning the sending, password and compression methods...

Here it is guys good luck and see you soon.

AVP, F-PROT, DR SOLOMON are registered trademarks of the owners. VK is Non Registered Trademark of Tally