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On this page I will try to put some tools we all need.

When downloading, note somewhere this word : THeRMoFiLeS this is the word that you'll need to unpack all the garbled archives. Some of them are not garbled but many of them are, the simple reason behind this is a try to make my account live as long as possible...

Here we go friends:

Name What it is for? Where?

Soft ICE 3.24 & 3.25 from Nu Mega Technologies.

THE system Debugger for Windows 95 this release has many video card support and I can use 65000 colors while using SICE... (before this one I was forced to use the generic 16 color driver in order to use SICE.)

SICE 3.24 for 95

Sice 3.25 for 95/98

Turbo Assembler from Borland International. THE assembler for DOS and Win32 Tasm5
TASM IDE A little IDE that lets you type all your text under windows, and call your assembler and linker from within its own customizable interface... Try it, it is freeware and great. Tasm IDE
Wdasm 8.93 A good Windows Disassembler... Wdasm893
Virogen's PE Aligner It allows you to reconstruct your PE files in order to save some place... Vgalgn04
Sourcer 7 Another disassembler for Windows and DOS Sourcer7
Pewrsec Hum this utility is to allow your first generation program to be able to write in his code section. Pewrsec
Memscan This utility is a DOS program it allows you to see your memory occupation in a graphical form, great when you are searching holes in memory and when coding viruses which are resident in these static holes... Memscan
Micro$oft Macro Assembler It is good to see it, download and then go to my tuts section, there is a whole zip file about win32 assembly for masm Masm611
Cygnus Hex Edit I don't know why but I love this tool, maybe because it is simple... It is a full featured Hex editor for Win95/NT Cygnus
JAR archiver This is THE best archiver/packer I ever used, it is better than ARJ RAR WINZIP or PKZIP, and its format is not yet understood by the scanners ;) JAR

Hell don't forget the password I gave you...

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