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-Contest: Smallest macro virus ever!-


Hi macro coders out there! What you see here are the rules for our first contest. The task is to create the smallest macro virus ever.

The following rules are:

Fixed day is 31th July 1999 You can code alone or in team Platform can be Word, Excel or cross You can use modul or class objects

The macro must have the following features:

Small ;) SR-1 compatible installation check small payload -Basic stuff like turn off 'VirusProtection'

If you join this contest, please mail the virus and the .bas file to the following email address:

SlageHammer or Jack TwoFlower

The winner is the one who codes the smallest macro virus with the set rules. Whoever codes the shortest code in length of lines wins. There will be the categories 'Smallest Word Module Virus', 'Smallest Word Class Virus', 'Smallest Excel Module Virus', 'Smallest Excel Class Virus', 'Smallest Cross Module Virus' and 'Smallest Cross Class Virus'. The source code will be published in our (LineZero's) next e-zine and an article about this contest will be written.


Good Luck, Slage Hammer & Jack Twoflower